Formula 1 Ancients

Formula 1 Ancients is an Ancients team event, using the results of existing tournaments to determine an overall team champion for the year. At this stage it is envisaged that the Guildford, MK, Rampage. and Stoke Challenge one-day tournaments, along with the National League at Campaign and the World Team Championships at Derby will be affiliated with the Formula 1 Ancients.

Details of the events can be found here Calendar

Teams will be competing for two Championships. A One Day Championship will consider only the results of the one-day events, whilst the other, the Overall Championship will include results of both one-day and two-day events. Two day events will achieve automatic weighting within the overall championship due to the greater number of games, and therefore contributing more results to be added.


A team will consist of three players. The team may score at any contributing event that any one, two, or three of the team play. A team may include one guest player in any round that the team is represented by less than the three original players. A guest player must be nominated prior to the first game at an event and play in the nominated team. If more than one member of a team is playing at an event, they must play together wthin the same team at the event for them to record a score in the Formula 1 Ancients League.
A player registered with a team may choose to play as a guest for another team at an event. His score would then be added to final result of the guest team rather than his original team. Unless notified otherwise a team will be assumed to be the three players used in the first qualifying event.

None playing umpires / organisors will be credited with score for their teams.


A team’s total score from a contributing round will be added to those scores from the other rounds. Only one-day tournaments will be applied to the One-day Championship, whilst both one and two-day tournaments will be applied to the Overall Championship.

A team that misses a round in either championship will score zero points for that round.

Teams will discard one round each from the One-day Championship.

Teams will discard one One-day and one Two-day round from the Overall Championship.

The results of tournaments with more than two games for a one day, or more than four games for a two day event will have their results scaled. Therefore Rampage will score 2/3 of a teams final score and the National League (Campaign) will score 4/5 of a teams final score.


Results and an on going league table will be posted on the MKWS website as soon as the results become available. They will also be posted on the DBMM and BHGS websites if that is thought to be appropriate.


Entry is to be free and not compulsory. Therefore a team not wishing to have its results included will not do so.


Trophies will be awarded for first and second place for both the one day and overall Championships to the four squad players only.


Further tournaments can be added, when their organisers feel it would be appropriate. The season will run for a full calendar year, starting with the MK one day event in January. No event will be added retrospectively. Any tournament that is able to guarantee that team mates will not play one another can be included. So for example events such as Warfare, Roll Call and Britcon could be included if they were to offer three DBMM periods. There must be at least four teams taking part in an event for the results of that event to be included within the Formula 1 Ancients framework.

Contributing Events

Contributing events should remain autonomous. A contributing event need only provide appropriate team results to Formula 1 Ancients. All decisions relating to format, scale, rules or periods will be at the discretion of the contributing event. The event’s format need only meet the restrictions shown above.