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Welcome to the Milton Keynes Wargames Society web site. This web site is intended to be not only an insight into the activities of MKWS, but also to act as a catalyst to encourage newcomers to take up the hobby either with MKWS or elsewhere.

In general terms most MKWS activity revolves around gaming, using representative miniatures, on either a board or tabletop. The type of game may vary between Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction. In recent times the variety in gaming has increased significantly. No longer the sole preserve of 15mm 7th Ed. or DBM; MKWS now supports numerous periods, such as Ancients, Renaissance, Napoleonic, Colonial, WW2, Modern, Fantasy, Pirates and Bloodbowl. The list continues to grow only restricted by the imagination and enthusiasm of the members.

Let me help you get the best out of our website. If you are interested in Milton Keynes Wargames Society, then have a look at the About Us and Meetings links. Details of the MKWS annual event Campaign can be found via the Campaign link, and National League details via the National League link.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you will be encouraged to visit the club one evening.
Neil Sutherland

Latest News

National League 22 update

24 July 22

The details for the National League 22 tournaments have been updated. The 25mm DBMM, 15mm FOG A, 25mm FOG R, and 15mm MeG A details show the current entry. Other tournament details are to follow. The National League will take place at Campaign 22 over the weekend 17/18 September 2022. Details for the National League can be found by following the National League link and Campaign 22 by following the Next Campaign link.

Past News

One Day Results 22

10 January 22

The results from the DBMM One Dayer, which took place on Saturday 8th January 2022 are now posted on site via the DBMM tournaments link. Thanks to all for taking part.

One-Dayer Covid Protocols

7 January 22

There are some COVID Protocols which those attending the MK One Dayer should be aware.

The venue York House require everyone, unless exempt, to wear face coverings. The tables will be spaced out over a number of rooms to maintain distance between the players. Please take an LFT before travelling if you have the facility to do so. We will have face masks available on the day.

See you Saturday

MK One-Dayer 2022

8 December 21

The MK One-Dayer will return on Saturday 8th January 2022. Full details can be found by following the DBMM Tournaments link.