DBMM 100 Grand Prix


The DBMM 100 Grand Prix 2015 will be played over five evening meetings. Each evening will be a separate tournament of the three rounds, with rounds lasting one hour. A player’s scores from the three rounds will be combined to determine their final position for that evening. A player’s best four scores from the five evening tournaments will be combined to determine the final positions in the Grand Prix.


Each evening tournament will have restricted lists and scale as shown below.

Table Size will be 4ft X 4ft for 25mm, and 2ft x 2ft for 15mm.

15mm and 25mm refer to the base sizes (ie 40mm or 60mm) and not the figure scale, as figure scale may vary between 6mm, 15mm and 25mm.

Army size will be 100pts.

Round Draw: For the first evening, the first round will be randomly drawn.

For sebsequent evenings the first round will be determined by the players cumulative score from the previous evenings. The following rounds that evening will be determined using the scores for that evening only.

There will be no new Defenders bound after one hour. The game ends at the end of the last attackers bound.

Any player with a Bye will score 7pts for that round.

Entry is free to members paying subs otherwise £3 per evening.


Round 1 7.20pm to 8.20pm
Round 2 8.40pm to 9.40pm
Round 3 10.00pm to 11.00pm

Evening Details

First Evening

Armies and enemies of the Neo Assyrian Empire 745BC-681BC

Date: 26th March 2015
Scale: 15mm
Lists: DBMM Books 1 as detailed below
Period: 745BC – 681BC

1/6 Early Bedouin
1/29 Philistine
1/34 Later Hebrew
1/38 Libyan Egyptian
1/37 Mannaiian and other Taurus and Zagros states
1/39 Urartian
1/40 Phrygian
1/41 Medes, Zikirtu, Andia or Parsua
1/42 Neo- Elamite
1/43 Kimmerian, Skythian or Early Hu
1/44 Neo-Babylonian
1/45 Neo-Assyrian Empire
1/46 Kushite Egyptian
1/50 Lydian

Second Evening

Armies and enemies of the Polybian Roman 275BC to 105BC

Date: 21st May 2015
Scale: 25mm
Lists: DBMM Books 1 & 2
Period: 275BC to 105BC

1/47 Illyrian
1/48 Thracian
2/5 Mountain Indian
2/9 Syracusan
2/11 Gallic
2/14 Ariarathid Kappadokian
2/19 Selucid
2/30 Galatian
2/31 Hellenistic Greek
2/32 Later Carthaginian
2/33 Polybian Roman
2/34 Attalid Pergamene
2/35 Later Macedonian
2/39 Hsiung-Nu or Juan-juan
2/40 Numidian or Early Moorish
2/44 Commagene
2/45 Sicilian and Italian Slave Revolts

Third Evening

Armies and enemies of the Thematic Byzantine 650AD to 963AD

Date: 23rd July 2015
Scale: 15mm
Lists: DBMM Books 2 & 3 As detailed below.
Period: 650AD to 963AD

3/1 Early Slav
3/14 Early Bulgar
3/16 Kazar
3/21 Italian Lombard
3/25 Arab Conquest and Khawarji
3/26 Early Serbian or Croatian
3/27 Rshtuni Armenian
3/28 Carolingian Frankish
3/29 Thematic Byzantine
3/31 Umayyad Arab
3/33 Early Muslim North Africa and Sicily
3/37 Abbasid Arab
3/47 Pecheneg
3/48 Rus
3/51 Bagratid Armenian
3/53 East Frankish

Fourth Evening

Armies and enemies of the Italian Condotta 1320AD to 1515AD

Date: 24th September 2015
Scale: 25mm
Rules DBMM 2.0
Lists: DBMM Book 4
Period: 1320AD to 1515AD

4/5 Sicilian
4/13 Medieval German
4/26 Lusignan Cypriot
4/39 Navarrese
4/41 Early Swiss
4/43 Later Hungarian
4/49 Anatolian Turkoman
4/55 Ottoman
4/60 Catalan Company
4/61 Italian Condotta
4/64 Medieval French
4/69 Albanian
4/74 Free Company and Armagnac
4/79 Later Swiss
4/82 French Ordonnance

Fifth Evening

Any army

Date: 10th December 2015
Scale: 25mm
Rules DBMM 2.0
Lists: DBMM Books 1, 2, 3, & 4

Pick any army from any list. You will then provide that army for one of the other competitors to use for the evening.

No Naval elements may be selected.
It must be possible to deploy the full army within the deployment area.