DBMM One-dayer


MKWS will be organising DBMM one day team event on Saturday 11th January 2020. The format will be similar to that fomulated by Ray Briggs for his successful Guildford tournament and used for last year’s MKWS One- dayer. Although a team event, individual entries are welcome; the organisers will group individuals to either complete or form new teams. Teams do not have to represent clubs.

Please note the teams listed below are still subject to change, as we are still accepting entries, and therefore individual players may be relocated to avoid army list clashes or form new teams.

Teams / Players currently entered for the 2020 tournament:

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
Pinner Mark Schofield Paul Mace Andy Wilcox

Italian Condotta Mongol Conquest Later Hungarian
Gentlemen Players David Mather Mike Pickering Dave Pallin

Italian Condotta Malac Malay WOR
MK White Mark Carmichael Steve Bainbridge Ian Sims

WOR Ghurids French Ordonnance
MK Blue Peter Kershaw John Bint Jim Gibson

Med Spanish HYW English Italian Condotta
MK Red Dudley Holiday Warren Thompson Mike Newnham

WOR Lancaster Lithuanian Low Countries
Leighton Buzzard Black Steve Saunders Dick Scholefied Dik Sweeting

WOR Mongol Conquest Burgundian Ordonnance
Leighton Buzzard Blue Martyn Simpson Dave Copperwheat John Saunders

Post Mongol Samurai French Ordonnance Med Irish
Leeds Keith Nathan Thom Richardson Peter Phipps

Serbian Later Muslim Indian Catalan
TOWIE Greg Mann Marc (Shamus) Hare Luca Blasi

Mongol Conquest WOR Yorkist Sicilians
WAR Tim Child Steve Rathgay Mike Bowles

French Ordonnance Colluacan WOR Tudor
Colchester Steve Doubtfire Simon Aalders Adrian Coombs-Hoar

Navarrese WOR Serbian
Individuals Alexander Grange Neil Sutherland

WOR Later Hungarian


The rules will be DBMM 2.1 with no night attacks allowed.

The figure scale will be 15mm.

Team size will be three players per team.

Individuals wishing to enter will either be grouped into teams, or used to complete full teams at the organiser’s discretion.

In the event of an odd number of players, the player with the bye will score 17 points for that game.

Only armies from DBMM Book 4 may be used.
Only Allies may be taken from other books.

The time period will be 1071AD to 1515AD

Army size will be 400pts.

An army can only be used once per team.

There will be two rounds on the day, with both rounds being drawn on the morning of the event, when attendance levels have been confirmed. Obviously team members will not play one another, whilst every effort will be made to avoid clubmates playing each other.

If depolyment ends between dusk and dawn the battle may not begin until sunrise.


  • 08.30 – MK members will arrive for set up.
  • 09.30 – First competition round.
  • 12.45 – End of first competition round.
  • 14.00 – Second competition round.
  • 17.15 – End of second competition round.

The venue will be the York House Youth Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford. A map can be found on this website via the About Us link.

Entry fee will be £10 per player.

Trophies will be given to the winning team and the highest scoring individual. Minor team trophies will be provided if entry levels are sufficiently high to make this appropriate.

For entry or request for further details email DBMM One-dayer.

Army Lists should be submitted to List Checker by 5th January 2020.