Derby World Championships

The Derby World Championships for 2016, will take place over the weekend 1st/2nd October 2016. The Derby World Championships have been running since 1986. The geographical position of Derby enables players from all over the country to meet and game together for a most successful weekend. The championships venue for 2016 is the Castle Donington International Exhibition Centre, DE74 2RP.

Please forward any comments or enquiries to Neil Sutherland


The competition is a team event. Each team will consist of three players.

Individual entries are welcome, they will be placed into either incomplete teams or formed into new teams at the organizer’s discretion.

Each year we will select three of the four period groupings shown under the Lists section below.

Teams will enter a player in each of the selected period groupings. Players will only play against others within their period group.

Full teams will play against each other on a round by round basis.

In the first round teams from the same club will be kept apart, thereafter the draw will be “Swiss” based on the team’s cumulative team score.

The 2016 Championships will be using Period Groups B, C & D.


The rules to be used are DBMM 2.1.

Event Administration

Derby Associates

All entries including any fees should be sent to the Derby Wargames Associates. They can be contacted via their website.


The Organiser will be Neil Sutherland. He will be setting up the format coordinating with the Derby Associates and sorting out the draws for the weekend.

List Checker

The List Checker is Jim Gibson


Umpire will be Neil Sutherland. We will hope to be able to recruit a number of playing umpires to assist in ruling on any game involving team / club mates conflicts.


The four period groups are:

Period Group A: 3000BC to501BC
Period Group B: 500BC to 476AD
Period Group C: 477AD to 1071AD
Period Group D: 1072AD to 1515AD

The 2016 Championships will be using Period Groups B, C & D.

The list submitted must not exceed 400APs.

Figure scale will be 15mm.

Army lists must be submitted allocating all elements including baggage to a command. They must specify the number of ME and the disheartened/broken/shattered levels for each command and for the whole army. The total army size for each list must not exceed 400AP and the list must indicate the climate, aggression factor, year, geographical region, generals where relevant, classification of general, all stratagems chosen (and the elements to which they apply, if appropriate) and all double based elements.
Once an army list has been submitted it may not be changed or altered other than to correct any errors. Players may only correct their errors by making reasonable changes to their list. It is not allowed to completely re-write the list, and the list checkers decision on this is final.

Army lists must be submitted for checking in advance and must be received by the List Checker not later than one week before the event. A penalty of 2 victory points per round, for each round of the competition, may be imposed for late submission of lists.
Any incorrect list discovered after a game has commenced (after aggression dice have been rolled) must be corrected prior to the next match.

The list checker can only respond to queries in connection with Army Lists. All other queries must be addressed to the organisers.


Table size is 6’ x 4’ and players must supply their own terrain pieces. These must be to an acceptable standard, and umpires will have the discretion to remove unsightly items.


Players must be present and ready to start the match at the appointed time. Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 30 minutes. After which time the affected opponent will be awarded a win and 17 points.
If a player resigns from a game at any stage after the aggression dice have been rolled the game will be scored as if the resigning player’s army had been broken and both players score will then be calculated on this basis including any losses accrued by the victor.
In the event of an odd number of players / teams competing over the weekend, the player/s with a bye will score 17pts.

Games will be scored according to the rules, with cumulative penalty points difference used to differentiate between equally scoring players. Total number of penalty points will be used to separate players that are still tied as above.


Results from the tournament will be forwarded for inclusion within the DBMM Rankings and Formula 1 Ancients.


There will be 4 rounds of competition.

Check-in is from 8:45 to 9:15
Round 1 starting at 9:30
Round 2 at 2:00
Round 3 starts at 9:00
Round 4 at 1:00, finishing between 4:15 and 4:30.

Matches will continue until the end of the current pair of bounds when time is called. Time will be called after 3 hours 15 minutes plus a 1 – 15 minute random factor. The time allowed for a game includes all pre-game activities such as terrain placement and deployment.