One Dayer Results 2016

After a most enjoyable days gaming please find below the Team, Individual, and match results from the Milton Keynes One- dayer, which took place on Saturday 9th January 2016. Thanks to everyone taking part and to those who helped organise for making the day another success.

MK One Dayer 2016

Round 1

Phil Hosker Later Hungarian 3-22 Tim/John Child French Ordonnance
Steve Bainbridge Ghurid 13-12 Peter Haines Later Hungarian
Ian Sims Medieval French 13-12 Martin Kay Navaresse
Steve Scott Mongol Conquest 0-25 Gordon Harrow Yuan Chinese
Mike Bowles War of the Roses 24-1 Steve Doubtfire Later Hungarian
John Saunders Medieval Irish 14-11 Nick Beechey Burgundian
Ben Faithful Romanian Frank 0-25 Mike Bennett Ottoman
Mike Newnham Low Countries 15-10 Dave Pallin War of the Roses
Simon Alders Italian Condotta 25-0 Steve Saunders Anglo-Norman
Steven Bowns Siamese 6-19 Chris Robinson Mongol
Dave Copperwheat Golden Hoard 0-25 Greg Mann Timurid
Dik Sweeting Later Polish 0-25 Lawrence Greaves Anotolian Turcomen
Warren Thompson Navaresse 14-11 Peter Kershaw Burgundian
Chris Jones War of the Roses 14-11 Dick Schoefield Crusader
Dave Mather Ottoman 25-0 Fin Schofield French Ordonnance
Mark Carmichael Muslim Indian 23-2 Mark Schofield Romanian Frank
Marc Hare Ghurid 25-0 Martyn Simpson Teutonic

MK One Dayer 2016
MK One Dayer 2016

Round 2

Phil Hosker Later Hungarian 25-0 Mark Schofield Romanian Frank
Steve Bainbridge Ghurid 21-4 Dik Sweeting Later Polish
Ian Sims Medieval French 25-0 Ben Faithful Romanian Frank
Tim/John Child French Ordonnance 12-13 Mike Bennett Ottoman
Steve Scott Mongol Conquest 1-24 Martyn Simpson Teutonic
Mike Bowles War of the Roses 25-0 Dave Copperwheat Golden Hoard
Mike Newnham Low Countries 10-15 Dave Mather Ottoman
John Saunders Medieval Irish 25-0 Mark Carmichael Muslim Indian
Steve Doubtfire Later Hungarian 0-25 Lawrence Greaves Anotolian Turcomen
Simon Alders Italian Condotta 14-11 Dick Schoefield Crusader
Steven Bowns Siamese 6-19 Fin Schofield French Ordonnance
Steve Saunders Anglo-Norman 15-10 Chris Jones War of the Roses
Warren Thompson Navaresse 0-25 Dave Pallin War of the Roses
Nick Beechey Burgundian 3-22 Greg Mann Timurid
Peter Haines Later Hungarian 13-12 Peter Kershaw Burgundian
Chris Robinson Mongol 25-0 Martin Kay Navaresse
Gordon Harrow Yuan Chinese 0-25 Marc Hare Ghurid

MK One Dayer Jan 16
MK One Dayer 2016

Team Results :

1st 135pts TOWIE Marc Hare, Mike Bennett and Greg Mann
2nd 105pts Gentlemen Players Dave Mather, Chris Robinson and Peter Haines
3rd 100pts MK White Ian Sims, Phil Hosker and Steve Bainbridge
4th 98pts If Only Peter Kershaw, Gordon Harrow and Lawrence Greaves
5th 84pts WAR Tim and John Child, Mike Bowles and Steve Scott
6th 61pts Pinner Fin and Mark Schofield and Dave Pallin
7th 59pts MK Green Mike Newnham, John Saunders and Ben Faithfull
8th 58pts Leighton Buzzard White Martyn Simpson, Martin Kay and Dick Scholefield
9th 56pts Colchester Steve Doubtfire, Simon Aiders and Steven Bown
10th 52pts MK Red Warren Thompson, Nick Beechey and Chris Jones
11th 23pts MK Blue Mark Carmichael
12th 19pts Leighton Buzzard Black Dave Copperwheat, Dik Sweeting and Steve Saunders

TOWIE – Winners

Gentlemen Players
Gentlemen Players – Runners up

Individual Results

1st 50pts Marc Hare
2nd 50pts Lawrence Greaves
3rd 49pts Mike Bowles
4th 47pts Greg Mann
5th 40pts Dave Mather, Dave Pallin and Chris Robinson
8th 39pts Simon Aiders and John Saunders
10th 38pts Mike Bennett and Ian Sims
12th 34pts Tim & John Child and Steve Bainbridge
14th 28pts Phil Hosker
15th 25pts Peter Haines and Gordon Harrow
17th 24pts Chris Jones and Martyn Simpson
19th 23pts Peter Kershaw and Mark Carmichael
21st 22pts Dik Schofield
22nd 20pts Mike Newnham
23rd 19pts Fin Schofield
24th 16pts Steve Bowns
25th 15pts Steve Saunders
26th 14pts Nick Beechey and Warren Thompson
28th 12pts Martin Kay
29th 4pts Dik Sweeting
30th 2pts Mark Schofield
31st 1pt Steve Doubtfire and Steve Scott
33rd 0pts Dave Copperwheat and Ben Faithfull

Lawrence Greaves
Marc Hare – Individual Winner

Marc Hare
Lawrence Greaves – Individual Runner Up