Campaign 09 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 09’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs. The relative postion of of Traders, Demos, and Tournaments are shown along with appropriate keys.


Table Traders Name Table Traders Name
1 Project Hydra. 13 Stafford Games & Vendal Miniatures.
2 Magister Militum. 14 Wargames Emporium.
3 The Scene. 14A Paul Mills
4 SHQ 15 Veteran Miniatures
5 SHQ 16 The Games Vault.
6 Pagan Angel. 17 Grubby Tanks.
7 Miniature Wargames. 18 Licclerich Painting
8 Static Games 19 Products for Wargamers.
9 Fieldworks. 20 Lesleysbitsbox.
10 Wargames Workshop. 21 Second City / Faust Studios.
11 Monarch Books & Miniatures. X David Lanchester Books
12 Gamers.

Demo Games

Table Club Days Type Game
A Project Hydra. Both Demo Mech Warrier
B Mid Anglia Sat Part Dawn Patrol-The 3 week wonders
B Black Wolf (Hitchin) Sun Part Tudor Skirmish
C Milton Keynes Both Demo Warhammer Fantasy
D Bedford Gladiators. Both Demo “What If” 15mm Gettysburg
E Games Workshop Both Demo War of the Rings
F Milton Keynes Both Demo Spearhead
G Ammunition Games Both Part Conflict 2030, Modern Skirmish
H Oxford Sat Demo 10mm Fantasy
H Staines Sun Demo HOTT at the Movies (1950s Style)
I Dunstable Generals Both Part In space no one can hear you Waaagh!
J Northampton. Sat Demo Flames of War
J Aylesbury Sun Demo 28mm Ancients
K Wargames Developments Both Part TBC
L Society of Ancients Both Part You can be Hannibal or Alexander for the day
M The Games Vault Both Part Uncharted Seas
N Abingdon Both Part Geezer Shut It!
O Huntingdon Both Part Catch the Pigeon
P Braintree Both Part Orc Waargs
Q 2nd City Both Part HOTT
R Milton Keynes Both Part 25mm Armati
S M.K. Magic:The Gathering Club Sat Part Tournament
U Stab Bournemouth Sat Part Space Vixens From Mars
U Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo 28mm War of the Spanish Succession
T Palatine House Both Part 15mm ECW
V Milton Keynes Both Part Napoleonic Naval
W Dark Knights & Bloody Dawns Both Part Outwit the Wittman (FOW)
X Lance & Longbow Soc Both Dem Recruitment

Dunstable Generals
In space no one can hear you Waaagh!

Milton Keynes
Warhammer Fantasy

Bedford Gladiators
“What If” 15mm Gettysburg

Society of Ancients
You can be Hannibal or Alexander for the day

Stab Bournemouth
Space Vixens From Mars

Dark Knights & Bloody Dawns
Outwit the Wittman (FOW)

Milton Keynes
Napoleonic Naval

Orc Waargs

Geezer Shut It!
(The Geezer’s bird)