Campaign 08 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 08’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs.

Club Days Type Game
Abingdon Both Part The Lost World
Aylesbury Sun Demo 28mm WW2
Bedford Gladiators Both Demo Flames of War (D-Day)
Black Wolf (Hitchin) Sun Demo Roman Civil War Whab
Braintree Both Part Star Wars
Dunstable Generals Sat Part Waaaghy Races:in the beginning
Games Workshop Sat Demo Various inc painting
Great Escape Games Both Demo TBC
Huntingdon Both Part Medieval Jousting Tournament
Lance & Longbow Soc Both Dem Recruitment
Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo 28mm English Civil War
Mid Anglia Sat Part Babylon 5-Signs and Portents
Milton Keynes Both Part Napoleonic Naval
Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part Hero Clix
Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part Horror Clix
Milton Keynes Both Demo Warhammer Fantasy
Milton Keynes Sat Part Gladiators
M.K. Magic:The Gathering Club Both Part Tournament
North London Wargames Group Both Demo Discworld
Oxford Sat Demo TBC
Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard TBC Recruitment
Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats Both Recruitment Meet a Civil War Soldier
Society of Ancients Both Demo TBC
Stab Bournmouth Sat Part Space Vixens From Mars
Stafford Games Both Demo TBC
Staines Sat Demo Victorian Sci Fi in Space
Wargames Developments Both Part Dogfight Aces-WW1 biplanes
Watford Sat Demo 15mm ACW

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Milton Keynes Wargames Society

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Huntingdon Wargames Society

Medieval Jousting Tournament

Bedford Gladiators

Flames of War (D-Day)


The Lost World

Black Wolf (Hitchin)

Roman Civil War
Warhammer Ancient Battles

North London Wargames Group


Aylesbury Wargames

28mm Second World War


Star Wars

Leighton Buzzard

28mm English Civil War