Campaign 05 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 05’s layout, traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs.


Table Traders Name Table Traders Name
1. Dearons Books 14. The Scene
2. Plastic Warriers 15. Grubby Tanks
3. A&A Engineering 16. S.H.Q.
4. Behind the Lines 17. Ron Atkin’s Figures
5. Prince Prints 18. Dragon’s Horde
6. Coat D’Arms 19. Hersant Books
7. Magister Miltium 20. Hobby Box
8. Timecast 21. Tumbling Dice
9. Wargames Workshop 22. Maddison Games
10. Fieldworks 23. Products for Wargames
11. Gamers

12. House of Bacca

13. RT Games

Demo games

Table Name Days Game Type
A. Matthew Currier Both Space Race Participation
B. Games Workshop Sat Warhammer 40K Participation
B. Mid Anglia Sunday Stargate Participation
C. Society of Ancients Both Armarti Demo
D. A&A Engineering Both Trafalgar Demo
E. Aberrant Games Both Rezolution Participation
F Eastbourne Saturday 25mmACW Demo
F. Aylesbury Sunday World War 2 Demo
G. Selly Oak & District Both 25mm Napoleonic Demo
H. Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both 25mm 7 Years War Demo
I. Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both DBM Explained Demo
J. Tring Wargames Club Both World War 2 Demo
K. Abingdon Both TBC Participation
L. Lance & Longbow Saturday Recruitment Demo
L. Oxford Sunday Spirit of the Cave Bear Participation
M. Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both 25mm Warhammer Fantasy Demo
N Wiz Kids Both Various Sci-Fi and Historical Part
O. Bedford Gladiators Both 2 Linked 25mm 7 Years War Demo
P. Royal Green Jackets Both T.A. Recruitment Demo
Q. Kingston Saturday Space Hulk Participation
Q. Leighton Buzzard Sunday American War of Independence Demo
R. Wargames Warehouse Both Lord of the Rings Participation
S. Endless Realms Saturday 25mm ECW Participation