Campaign 10 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 10’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs. The relative postion of Traders, Demos, and Tournaments are shown along with appropriate keys.


Table Traders Name
A Cleeve Prints
B E-collectica Games
C Pagan Angel.
D Miniature Wargames
E Gamers.
F Atkins Figures
G The Scene
H OG Games
J Wargames Workshop
K Monarch Books & Miniatures.
L Wargames Emporium.
M Veteran Miniatures
N The Games Vault.
O Grubby Tanks.
P Steve Barber Models
Q Products for Wargamers.
R Lesleysbitsbox.
S Second City / Faust Studios.
T David Lanchester Books

Table Club Days Type Game
1 Milton Keynes Both Demo 25mmArmati
2 Mid Anglia Sat Demo/Part CARRIER OPS
2 Black Wolf (Hitchin) Sun Part Battle of Maldon
3 Watford Sat Demo 25mm WW2
3 Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo Battle of the Frozen Lake
4 Milton Keynes Both Demo Warhammer Fantasy
5 Bedford Gladiators. Both Demo 7 Years War
6 Guts and Glory Both Demo 40K
7 E-collectica Games Both Part Jurassic Wars Card Game
8 Tring Wargames Club Both Demo WW2 Western Desert
9 Staines Sat Part Charge of the Light Brigade
9 Rebl Scum Northampton Sun Demo Legends of the Old West
10 Games Workshop Both Part 40K
11 Dunstable Generals Both Part 28mm Necromancer
12 Mad Gamers Both Part POW Game
13 Wargames Developments Both TBC TBC
14 Society of Ancients Both TBC TBC
15 Aylesbury Sat Demo 28mm Ancients
16 The Games Vault Sat Demo Uncharted Seas
16 The Games Vault Sun Demo Firestorm Armada
17 Abingdon Both Part Lost World
18 Huntingdon Both Part WW1 aerial combat
19 Braintree Both Demo WW2 to Rapid Fire
20 2nd City Both Part TBC
21 Selly Oak & District Both Demo 25mm Napoleonic
22 M.K. Magic:The Gathering Club Sat Part Tournament
22 Skirmish Wargames Group Sun Demo Raid by Missouri Bushwackers, American Civil War 1862
23 Cranfield Conquerors Both Demo/Part 40K and Warmachine
24 Richard Bradley Sat Demo 20mm Modern
24 Richard Bradley Sun Demo 15mm WW2
25 Oxford Sat Demo Fantasy
25 Milton Keynes Sun Demo Various Naval
26 Dark Knights & Bloody Dawns Both Demo Lego Star Wars
T Lance & Longbow Soc Both Dem Recruitment

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