Campaign 18 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 18’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs. The relative position of Traders, Demos, and Tournaments are shown along with appropriate keys.

Demonstration and Participation Games

Table Club Days Type Game
1 Northants Wargamers Both Demo/Part Star Wars X-wing
2 Northants Wargamers Both Demo/Part Star Wars Imperial Assault
3 Northants Wargamers Saturday Demo/Part Star Wars Shadespire
3 Aylesbury Sunday Part ‘Knights of the sky’ a WW1 aerial combat
3A Wargames Workshop Both Demo TBC
4 Northants Wargamers Both Demo/Part Star Wars Shadespire
5 Peterborough Both Part Dambusters
6 Milton Keynes Both Demo Fantasy Battle
7 Dunstable Generals Both Part Rampage : Monsters reeking havoc
8 Bedford Gladiators Both Demo Congo/Darkest Africa
9 Society of Ancients Both Demo/Part TBC

Northampton Battlefields Society Both Demo TBC
10 The Pit Gaming Shop Both Demo TBC
11 Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part 6mm DBMM Ancients
12 Lance & Longbow Soc Both Demo Medieval
13 Huntingdon Both Part Catch the Pigeon
14 Abbingdon Both Part Lord of the Rings
15 Dave Austin and Friends Both Pat Napoleonic Navel, (Blood, Bilge and Iron)
16 Milton Keynes Both Demo 10mm Ancients Campaign Battles
17 North London Wargames Group Saurday Demo Prokhorovka
17 Mid Anglia Sunday Demo Into Compact Space
18 Leighton Buzzard Sunday Demo Romancing the Wyrdstone
19 Leighton Buzzard Sunday Demo Roman(ce)ov the Stones
20 Tring Wargames Club Sat Part The Long And The Short And The Tall :Malayan peninsula 1942
20 Luton Lancers Sunday Part Gaslands-Post apocalyptic racing
21 Braintree Sunday Demo/Part Lord of the Rings


Table Traders Name
A Wargames Workshop
B Comic Store
C Helion & Company
D The Pit Gaming Shop
E The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop
F Products for Wargamers.
G Lesleysbitsbox
G2 The Scene (late booking near Demo 13)
H Art of War (on the Info Stand)
L David Lanchester Books