Campaign 17 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 17’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs. The relative position of Traders, Demos, and Tournaments are shown along with appropriate keys.

Traders Demo

Demonstration and Participation Games

Table Club Days Type Game
1 Black Wolf Sat Part TBC
2 Dunstable Generals TBC Part TBC
4 Milton Keynes Both Demo Fantasy Battle
5 The Pit Gaming Shop Both Demo TBC
6 Northants Wargamers Both Demo TBC
7 Northants Wargamers Both Demo TBC
8 Northants Wargamers Both Demo TBC
9 Bedford Gladiators Both Demo 28mm theb Battle of Barnet
10 Milton Keynes Both Demo DBMM Ancients
11 Society of Ancients Both Demo/Part TBC

Northampton Battlefields Society Both Demo TBC
12 Mid Anglia Sat Part Wings of War WW1 Air dogfights
12 Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo/Part French Indian Wars
13 North London Wargames Group Sat Demo 15mm Vietnam “Operation KittyhawK”
13 Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo/Part Gates of Antares
14 Oxford Sat Part TBC
14 Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo/Part Dragon Rampant
15 Huntingdon Both Part 54mm Zulu based around Rourke’s Drift
16 Watford and Northwood Wargamers Sat Demo WWII eastern front using ‘Battlegroup Kursk
16 Aylesbury Sun Part TBC
17 Skirmish Wargames Group Both Demo 54mm Romans versus Spartacus
18 Milton Keynes Both Demo Dux Bellorum
19 Braintree TBC Demo/Part Lego Atlantis
20 Tring Wargames Club TBC Part 54mm ACW Skirmish
21 Lance & Longbow Soc Both Demo Medieval


Table Traders Name
A Wargames Workshop
B The Pit Gaming Shop
C Realplace Terrain
D Pe2 Collectables
E Grubby Tanks & Britannia Minatures
F Colonel Bills
G Lesleysbitsbox
H K R Multicase
J Products for Wargamers.
K The Plastic Soldier Company
L David Lanchester Books