Campaign 22 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 22’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs. The relative position of Traders, Demos, and Tournaments are shown along with appropriate keys.

Campaign 2022 layout


Table Club Days Type Game

1 Black Wolf Sat Part Wild West
1 Aylesbury Sun Part Flames of War- Bocage Bash
2 Dunstable Generals Both Part Fantasy Dungeon
3 Huntingdon Both Demo Wars of the Roses
4 Milton Keynes Both Demo Fantasy
5 Wargames Workshop Sat Part 54mm Silver Bayonet, Napoleonic Gothic Horror

Sun Part 54mm Dead Mans Hand
6 Bedford Gladiators Both Demo 28mm American Civil War
7 Society of Ancients Both Demo/Part TBC

Northampton Battlefields Society Both Demo TBC
8 Scimitar Wargames Both TBC Battle of Britain
9 Peterborough Both Part Deads Army WW2 zombies
10 Chesthunt Wargames Sat Part War of the Worlds
10 Leighton Buzzard Sunday Demo 28mm Peninsular Napoleonic
11 The Pit Gaming Shop Part Both Various
12 Luton Sun Part What a Tanker

Sun Part MeG Pacto
13 Northampton Warlords Both Part The Chicago Way
14 Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part 6mm DBMM Ancients
14 Milton Keynes Both Demo 10mm Ancients Campaign gaming


Table Traders Name
A Disain Studio
B Sheppey Models
C Fox Miniature Diaramas
D Wargames Workshop
E Products for Wargamers.
F XLC Wargames Terrain
G The Pit Gaming Shop