Campaign 06 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 06’s layout, traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs.

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Table Traders Name Table Traders Name
1. Tumbling Dice 14. Wargames Workshop
2. Stratford Games 15. Gaz Games
3. Grubby Tanks 16. Maddison Games
4. House of Bacca 17. Gamers
5. Shield Wall Books 18. Products for Wargames
6. Coat D’Arms 19. Wiz Kids
7. Simply Senic 20. Magister Miltium
8. Warm Acre 21. Second City
9. Wargames Emporium 22. Fieldworks
10. Ron Atkin’s Figures 23. Scotia/The Baggage Train
11. Dearons Books 24. S.H.Q.
12. The Scene 25. Behind the Lines
13. Wargames Warehouse 26. Ace games

Demo games

Table Name Days Game Type
A. Magister Miltum Both 10mm Carthage v Rome Demo
B. Aberrant Games Both Rezolution Participation
C. Tring Wargames Club Both Starship Troopers TBC
D. Selly Oak & District Both Battle of the Piave River Demo
E. Huntingdon Both World War 2 TBC
F. Staines Both Stagecoach Participation
G. Warm Acre Both World War 2 Skirmish Participation
H. Mathew Currier Both WW1 Ariel Combat Participation
I. Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both Warhammer Fantasy Demo
J. Society of Ancients Both TBC Demo
K. Lance & Longbow Both Recruitment Demo
L. Braintree Both Star Wars Participation
M. Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both 18th Century Seige Demo
N. Bedford Gladiators Both TBC Participation
O. Oxford Saturday 6mm Napoleonic Participation
O. Palatine House Sunday TBC Demo
P. Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both WW2 Flames of War Demo
Q. Watford Both WW2 South East Asia Demo
R. Wargames Warehouse Both Starship Troopers Demo
S. Abingdon Both TBC Demo
T. Milton Keynes Roleplaying Society Saturday Various Role Playing Participation
T. Aylesbury Sunday Napoleonic Naval Participation
U1. Wiz Kids Both Hero Clix Demo
U2. Wiz Kids Both Hero Clix Tournament
U3. Wiz Kids Both Mech Warrior Demo
U4. Wiz Kids Both Horror Clix Demo
U5. Wiz Kids Both B.S.G. Demo
U6. Wiz Kids Saturday Pirates Participation
U6. Wiz Kids Sunday Pirates Tournament
V. Royal Green Jackets Both T.A. Recruitment Demo
W. Leighton Buzzard Sunday TBC Demo
X. Mid Anglia Sunday Assimilate & Dominate Participation

Campaign 06

Various Views of Middleton Hall

Tring Wargames Group

Starship Troopers

Selly Oak & District

Battle of the Piave River

Huntingdon & District Wargames

World War 2

Warm Acre

World War 2 Skirmish

Warhammer Fantasy Battle


Star Wars

Milon Keynes Wargames Society

World War 2 (North Africa)

Watford Wargamers

World War 2 (South East Asia)

Wargames Warehouse

Starship Troopers

Aylesbury Wargames Club

Napoleonic Naval

Leighton Buzzard

Mid Anglia

Assimilate & Dominate