Campaign 15 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 15’s traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs. The relative postion of Traders, Demos, and Tournaments are shown along with appropriate keys.


Table Traders Name
A Wargames Workshop
B Twisted Pinnacle Games
C Pe2 Collectables
D Timeline Miniatures
E Grubby Tanks & Britannia Minatures
F Warlord Games
G Battle Studios
H Monarch Miniatures.
I Wargames Emporium.
J Mongoose Publishing
K Lesleysbitsbox
L Products for Wargamers.
N David Lanchester Books

Demo and Participation

Table Club Days Type Game
1 Dunstable Generals Sat Part In space no-one can hear you Whaggghhh!!
1 Black Wolf Sun Part Darkest Africa
2 Northants Wargamers Both Demo Warmachine & Hordes
Both Demo Infinity & Malifaux
Both Demo Starwars & Netrunner
3 Timeline Miniatures Both Demo TBC
4 Hastings and St Leonards Both Demo Second World War
5 CTK Wargaming Both Demo 20mm 20th Centuary
6 Peterborough Both Part Dambusters Challenge
7 Milton Keynes Both Demo Warhammer Fantasy
8 Staines Sat Part Outrageous Fortune or How to get ahead at Agincourt!
8 Aylesbury Sun Part ‘Knights of the sky’ a WW1 aerial combat
9 Bedford Gladiators Both Demo 28mm Napoleonic battle of Quatre Bras
10 Society of Ancients Both Demo/Part TBC
11 Oxford Sat Demo 6mm Battle of Waterloo 1815AD
12 Wargames Emporium Both Demo TBC
13 Abingdon Both Part Space fighter combat
14 Huntingdon Both Demo Battle is Plataea to Command & Colours Ancients
15 Mid Anglia Sat Part BATTLECRUISER” 1/3000th scale action somewhere off Lowestoft 1916.
15 Milton keynes Sun Demo Star Wars-Battle over Tatooine
16 Watford and Northwood Wargamers Sat Demo Battle of Trebia (218BC)
16 Leighton Buzzard Sun Demo/Part Muskets and Tomahawks
17 Skirmish Wargames Group Sat Demo 54mm Gallipoli 1915
17 Skirmish Wargames Group Sun Demo Game of Thrones scenario
18 Luton Lancers Sat Part Alternative 1066 – What if battle, 28mm Saxons and Normans
18 Luton Lancers Sun Part Blackbeards’ last stand- 15mm pirate ship game
19 Northampton Warlords Sat Part WW2 skirmish
19 Northampton Warlords Sun Part Colonial Zulu skirmish
20 Lance & Longbow Soc Both Demo Recruitment
21 Tring Wargames Club Sat Demo 28mm Battle of Quatre Bras
21 Tring Wargames Club Sun Demo Alternative ACW
22 Braintree Both Demo WW2 Normandy Breakout
23 Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part 6mm Ancients using DBMM