Campaign 07 Archive

This page contains details of Campaign 07’s layout, traders, demo games and a selection of event photographs.


Table Traders Name Table Traders Name
1 PDI Model Supplies 13 Flashing Blade
2 Tumbling Dice 14 Wargames Emporium
3 Fieldworks 15 Lesleys Bit Box
4 Wargames Workshop 16 Second City/Faust Studio
5 Warm Acre 17 Atkins Figures
6 Gamers 18 Antenocitus Workshop
7 Stafford Games 19 SHQ
8 Grubby Tanks 20 Maddison Games
9 House of Barca 21 Products for Wargamers
10 Shield Wall Games 22 The Scene
11 Ironclad Miniatures 23/J David Lanchester Books
12 Daerons Books

Table Club Days Type Game
A Games Workshop Saturday Demo/Part Lord of the Rings

Games Workshop Saturday Demo/Part Warhammer 40K

Black Wolf (Hitchin) Sunday Demo/Part ECW Siege
B Warm Acre Both Part Dicewargame

Warm Acre Both Part Hour of Glory
C Staines Both Demo/Part Naval
D Northampton Warlords Saturday Demo Warhammer Fantasy/Ancients

Northampton Warlords Saturday Demo 28mm WW2

Aylesbury Sunday Part Dark Age
E Milton Keynes Both Demo WAB meets Fantasy
F Dunstable Generals Both Part Wild West
G Bedford Gladiators Both Demo Dark Age WAB
H Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part Various Naval
I Society of Ancients Both Demo TBC
J Lance and Longbow Society Both Demo TBC
K Milton Keynes Both Demo Civil War Battles to POWR
L Abingdon Both Part “Pirates of the Caribbean”
M Braintree Both Part TBC
N Huntingdon Both Demo 28mm WW2
O Milton Keynes Both Demo ACW
P Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part Hero Clix

Milton Keynes Both Demo/Part Horror Clix
Q Selly Oak & District Both Demo 25mm Napoleonic
R Leighton Buzzard Sunday Demo 25mm War of the Spanish Succession
S Palatine House Sunday Demo Napoleonic
T Western Front Association Both Informative N/A
U Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats Both Recruitment Meet a Civil War Soldier
V Oxford Sunday Demo 6mm Napoleonic

Sunday Tournament 25mm DBR & DBMM Singles

The unique venue that is Middleton Hall

Selly Oak and District

Huntingdon Wargames Society


Bedford Gladiators

Leighton Buzzard

Dunstable Generals

Staines Wargamers

Western Front Association

Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats

(Be afraid, be very afraid!)