Flames of War Cassino Infantry Aces Campaign

Milton Keynes War games club is running an ongoing Flames of War Campaign.

The Campaign is set against the Allied attempts to break through the Axis lines around Monte Cassino, and the Axis bitter attempts to stop them.

All games are split into Axis vs. Allies teams and have three scenario choices per night, with players playing up to two games a night. On a normal night we can have up to 16 players!

We have reached the second round, but new players are always welcome.

Each night has a themed points and rules, with each player just playing to hold territories.

For full details contact the Campaign organiser Will Denham madlemmey@hotmail.com

Round one Night one ?
Round two night two Thursday 23rd February 2012
Round three night one Thursday 22nd March 2012
Round four night two Thursday 26th April 2012
Last day in combat (?)
Thursday 24th May 2012