15mm Ancients League L' Art de la Guerre

The National Wargames League introduced an additional Ancients League in 2017, using the L’Art de la Guerre rules. The 2019 season will continue include a L’Art de la Guerre League.

The teams entered for the 2019 season are:

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
CLWC Mediocre Tim Porter Simon LeRay-Meyer Clive McLeod

Yorkshire Paul Johnston Marco Baroni Robert

The Dorset & Cambridge Nomads Paul Firth Dave Roberts Chad Pillinger

Dim Mortals Hubert Bretagne Richard Case Dave Saunders

Team Webb



The Rameses Three Piquets (aka RIIIP)


Period 1

Early Hebrew Campaigns 1250 -1050 BC

3 Amorite Highlanders
14 New Kingdom Egyptian
17 Ancient Bedouin
21 Hurri-Mitanni
22 Syro, Canaan – NO Ugarit
23 Ancient Hebrew

Period 2

Campaigns of Pyrrhus 300 – 272 BC

41 Early Successor (only Antigonus Gonatas)
44 Phyrric
50 Syracusan
51 Campanian, Lucanian, Apulian, and Bruttian
52 Camillan Roman
54 Early Carthaginian
60 Classical Greek Spartan

Period 3

Alliances of Henry VII 1487-1507

222 Medieval Scots- Highland allies allowed
227 Medieval German
228 Medieval Spanish – Not Portuguese
234 French Ordonnance
236 Wars of the roses only Tudor