15mm Ancients League- Morten et Gloriam

The National Wargames League are introducing an additional Ancients League for 2017. This new league will be using the Morten et Gloriam rules.

The teams entered for the 2017 season are:

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
Milton Keynes A Paul Cummins Bren Cummins

Farnborough Lance Flint Richard Jeffery-Cook

Milton Keynes B Will Denham Mark Spratt

Brighton Chris Walker Rhandolph Stearman

Individuals Alasdair Harley TBC

General Rules

1. A team consists of two players.
2. At least one Player in each pair must play a Roman army (In Bold)
3. Rules: Morten et Gloriam.
4. Only armies listed below may be used.
5. The army size will be 11,000 pts.
6. Scale 15mm.
7. Allies are allowed if in the list of allowed armies or the player can show an historical occasion when they were allied and fought against the romans.
8. The team army lists should be E-mailed to List Checker no later than date 29 April 2017. Payment for entry fees can be sent via PayPal to the same address.
9.Any queries about lists or rules should be directed to MeG List and Rule Queries


The Rise and Fall of Rome
Lists available as below:

Rise of Rome (275BC-50AD) Fall of Rome (366-476AD)

Mid Republican Roman Imperial Roman
Apulian Foederate Roman
Bruttian Western Later Feodorate
Lucanian Early Post Roman British (before 429)
Later Campanian Early Post Roman British (after 429)
Later Republican Roman Later Scots Irish
Spartacus Slave Revolt Early Pictish
Early Imperial Roman Later Pre Islamic Bedouin
Tarantine (Classical Greek) Eastern Later Feodorate Roman
Thracian Hill Tribes African Vandal
Illyrian Tolosan Visigoth
Pyrrhic Middle Sassanid Persian
Later Macedonian (after 197BC) Moorish
Hellenistic Greek (after 197BC) Alan
Highland Gallic Hunnic
Lowland Gallic Alamanni
Early German Burgundi
Ancient British Frankish
Parthian Saxon
Parthian Vassal States Suevi
Sardinian Bavarian
Syracusan Frisian
Celtiberian Thuringian
Iberian Ostrogoths
Lusitanian Herul
Numidian Sciri
Later Carthaginian Taifali
First Servile Slave Revolt Quadi
Second Serville Slave Revolt Gepid
Sertorian Lombard
Thracian Lowland Tribes Quadi
Bosphoran Visigoths
Barstanae Vandals
Attalid Pergamene
Galatian(after 200BC)
Seleucid (after 200 BC)
Pompaeian Numidian