15mm Renaissance League

The 2017 season sees the continued inclusion of a second Renaissance League using the Field of Glory Renaissance rules. The format will be similar to the other leagues, with up to six teams of three players contesting a number of Divisions. The number of Divisions will be determined by the entry level.

For entry information, visit the National Wargames League Page.

The teams entered for the 2017 season are:

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
The Forlorn Hope Ben Jones Dave Parish Bob Medcraft

Derby Clive Holland Dave Hutchby David Elks

General Rules

1. A team consists of three players. one player playing in each of the 3 periods.
2. Rules Field of Glory Renaissance.
3. Only the armies listed in each of the periods may be selected.
4. The army size will be 800pts.
5. Scale 15mm.
6. Artillery rules for all periods
A) Must have 6 bases of foot battle troops for each base of Lt/Med/Hvy artillery
B) All heavy artillery starting the battle unlimbered must be deployed first. Limbered heavy artillery may be deployed at any time. The army list must specify whether the artillery is limbered or unlimbered. The player may send in two army lists with different order of marches only, depending on whether they want their heavy artillery to start limbered/unlimbered or a combination of both if they have more than one BG of Heavy artillery.
C) Light and medium artillery can deploy at any time during the order of march.
D) If artillery is captured, the player who has captured them can at the end of the turn in which he has captured them, during the JAP phase, after all auto routing troops have been removed, choose to remove the artillery.
Allies and special options are allowed if specified.
7. The new amendments will be played in all periods (These will be sent to entered players later).
8. Allies and special options are allowed if specified.
9. Any queries about the Renaissance tournament should be directed to FOW queries
5. Army lists should be E-mailed to List Checker no later than 29 April 2017.

Period 1

Five Years From The Thirty Years War
From the appointment of Wallenstein (1625) to the landing of Gustav (1630)

Early 17th Century French
TYW Danish
Early TYW German Protestant
Early TYW German Catholic
Hungarian Transylvanian
Early Gustavan Swedish
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Later Imperial Spanish
Later TYW Dutch

Period 2

Ah, Vienna!
(Mainland Europe in 1683)

Later Polish and Lithuanian
Later Swedish
Later Danish
Habsburg Austrian Imperial
Later German States
Later Louis XIV French
Hungarian Kuruc rebellion
Later Ottoman Turkish

Period 3

Carry on up the passage to India.
India and the neighbouring region, 1650

Muslim Indian
Hindu Indian
Safavid Persian
For Period 3, Portuguese and Dutch Colonial forces are permissible as Allies only.