25mm Renaissance League

The 2019 season sees the continued inclusion of a Renaissance Tournament using the Field of Glory Renaissance rules. The format for 2019 will be individual entries due to the restricted number of players available.

For entry information, visit the National Wargames League Page.

The teams entered for the 2019 season are:

*Player *
Dene Green
Kieth Spedding
Ray Boyles
Bob Medcraft
Ben Jones
Lynnette Maxim
Chris Beesley
Wayne Charlton


General Rules

1. Players will not be in teams , but will play as individual entries.
2. Rules Field of Glory Renaissance.
3. Any army from any list or date may be selected.
4. All published amendments and Army list/points revisions will be used.
5. Distances 40mm per MU apart from 12” flank zones, initial deployment zones and terrain sizes
6. The army size will be 700pts.
7. Scale 25mm.
8. Table size 6’x4’.
9. Medium & Heavy artillery must not be deployed able to fire into the flank zones.
10. Any queries about the Renaissance tournament should be directed to FOW queries
11. Army lists should be E-mailed to List Checker no later than 27th April 2019.