15mm Ancients League-Field of Glory


As part of the National Wargames League, Milton Keynes Wargames Society will again be offering an interesting selection of periods for the 15mm Ancients competition. This year the rules used will be Field of Glory. The periods have been carefully chosen to provide a challenging novel wargaming tournament experience at the same time to produce a spectacle for visitors from well known eras of history. Six periods are presented for a vote by last year’s teams. The three most popular periods will be used for this year’s tournament.

For entry information, visit the National Wargames League Page.

The 15mm Ancients competition is a BHGS Ranking Tournament.

See also 25mm Ancients Tournament and 15mm Renaissance Tournament.

The teams entered for the 2019 season are:

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3

Oxford 2 Kieth Pullen Peter Chard Phil Jelly

Oxbridge David Fairhurst Lynda Fairhurst Ali Shaw

MAWS Phil Powell Ian Stewart Dave Ruddock

Wessex Martyn Simpson Owain Simpson Pete Dalby

Reigate Graham Briggs Steve Murton Terry Shaw

Gloucester Dave Morrison John Patrick Jon Akers

General Rules

1. A team consists of three players. A player playing in each of the 3 periods.
2. Rules Field of Glory.
3. Only the armies listed in each of the periods may be selected. This is further limited to the time ranges specified for the periods.
4. An ally may only be selected if it appears in the list of armies for the period.
5. The army size will be 800pts for Periods 1 & 2, 850pts for Period 3.
6. The team army lists should be E-mailed to Darrell Pearce no later than 28 April 2019.

15mm Ancients Periods 2019

The Wars for the Mediterranean

The theme for Campaign will be the conflicts surrounding access to and therefore control of the Mediterranean Sea across three time periods covered by the FoG rules
(or the war for the sunbeds and nice spots on the beach)

Any allies noted in the lists are allowed provided they are also allowed at that date

Period 1.

Period One – 525BC – Book 1
Armies listed below dated 525BC

Etruscan League, Early Roman and Latin
Italian Hill Tribes and Samnite League
Classical Greek
Late Dynastic Egyptian
Early Achaemenid Persian
Early Carthaginian

Period Two – 1000AD – Book 2
Armies listed below dated 1000AD

Early Spanish
Muslim North Africa and Sicily
Later Abbasid, Tulunid and Ikshidid
Bedouin Dynasties
Nikeforian Byzantine
Fatamid Egyptian

Period Three – Book 3
Armies listed below dated 1351AD

Medieval Spanish
Italo Norman
Mamluk Egyptian
Ottoman Turk
Catalan Company
Condotta Italian