25mm Ancients League


As part of the National League Competition, Milton Keynes will again be offering an interesting selection of periods for the 25mm Ancients competition at Campaign. 25mm refers to the base size convention and not the figure size. The 2020 season sees the continuation of a 6mm figure period to the National League, see details below. The periods have been carefully chosen to provide a challenging novel wargaming tournament experience whilst at the same time to produce a spectacle for visitors from well known eras of history.

For entry information, visit the National League Page.

The 25mm Ancients competition will be a BHGS Ranking Tournament.

See also 15mm Ancients Tournament and 15mm Renaissance Tournament.

The teams currently entered for the 2020 season are:

Team Period 1 Period 2 Period 3

MK White Ian Sims Phil Hosker Steve Bainbridge

MK Red Mark Gates Dudley Holiday Mark Carmichael

MK Blue Newnham John Bint Lawrence Greaves

WAR Steve Rathgay Tim Child Mike Bowles

Mercenaries Steve Mills John Fletcher Greg Mann

Gentlemen Players Mike Pickering Dave Mather Dave Pallin

General Rules

1. A team consists of three players. A player playing in each of the 3 periods.
2. Rules DBMM 2.1
3. Only the armies listed in each of the periods may be selected. This is further limited to the time ranges specified for the periods.
4. An ally may only be selected if it appears in the list of armies for the period.
5. The army size is 350pts.
6. Table size will be 6ft x 4ft
7. Figure sizes are Period 1 6mm, Period 2 25mm, Period 3 25mm. All armies base sizes as per the rules for 25mm. See below MKWS 6mm Basing convention.
8 The Team Army Lists should be submitted to List Checker by 26th April 2020.
9. To ease administration the team’s army lists should be in a single E-mail Listing the 3 players their periods and army lists. The title of the E-mail should be “Campaign 2020”. The e-mail can be normal text or include word or excel attachments.
10. Army lists that arrive late will be penalised along with standard BHGS rules.
11. The DBMM scoring system will be used.
12. For entry information and fees see the National League Page.

MKWS 6mm Basing Convention

There is no basing guide in the rules for 6mm based on 25mm bases, but the below seems to work well. Some MK players interpret slightly differently. OO mounted are based between 6 and 9. CO pike have been based 4 ranks of 10, so 40! We also have some CO mounted in 2 ranks of 10. As long as its clear as to which troop type is being represented then it’s mostly down to personal taste and budget.

CO 33 figs in 3 ranks of 11
LO 24 figs in 3 ranks of 8 (Regular)

18 figs scattered (Irregular)
OO 8 figs scattered (both Reg and Irreg)
CO 30 figs in 3 ranks of 10
LO 18 figs in 3 ranks of 6 (Regular)

18 figs scattered (Irregular)
OO 8 figs in 2 ranks of 4 (Regular)

8 figs scattered (Irreg)
Models 5 models (chariots, elephants, etc)
Camp Done to taste

To distinguish Generals from other elements use a reduced rank i.e. 3 general / standard bearer type in warband front rank or mounted with the rank behind as above. Alternatively flags could be used if appropriate.

For things such as LH(F) I base circulating with one thickened leading edge to depict their role better.

25mm Ancients Periods

The Campaign 2018 Periods are set out below:

Period 1 – Books 1 & 2

Any army from any list, with a composition that would be legal in book 1 or 2.
Period 1 is for 6mm figures only.

Period 2 – Early Classical

Any army from any list, with a composition that would be legal between 500BC and 1BC
Period 2 is for 25mm figures only.

Period 3 – Late Medieval

Any army from any list, with a composition that would be legal between 1333AD and 1525AD
Period 3 is for 25mm figures only.