Campaign Demos 23

Listed below are the Demonstration and Participation Games currently booked in to Campaign 23, in Middleton Hall, thecentre:mk. If you are interested in putting on a game at Campaign please email Demo Details.

Campaign 2022 layout

Table Club Days Type Game

1 Black Wolf Sat Part Pikeman’s Lament
1 Chesthunt Wargames Sun Part Jousting
2 Wargames Workshop Both Part Gasland and Zombie Bash
3 Wargames Workshop Both Part The Great Turkey Hunt
4 Peterborough Both Part The Dambusters Challenge
5 Wargames Workshop Both TBC Battle Tech
6 Sheppy Models Both Demo of Team yankee ot FOW epic ra
7 Bedford Gladiators Both Demo Sharp Practice (American War of Independence)
8 The Pit Gaming Shop Both Demo TBC
9 Society of Ancients Both Demo/Part TBC
9 Northamptonshire Battlefields Society Both Demo TBC
10 Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both Demo/Part 6mm DBMM Ancients
11 Hobby Hive Both Part Warhammer 40K Boarding Actions
11 Hobby Hive Both Part Carnevale Introductory Games
11 Hobby Hive Both Part Rumbleslam Introductory Games
12 Aylesbury Sat Part Three Musketeers
12 Northampton Warlords Sun Part Dead Man’s Hand (28mm Wild West)
13 Models For Heroes Both Part Donate and Create
14 Scimitar Wargames Both Demo Escape from Outpost 13!
15 Huntingdon Both Demo Breaching the Brook 28mm WW2
16 Abingdon Wargames Club Both Part Overlord 2144
17 Big Toys Renaissance Gaming Sat Demo Renaissance Battles
18 Northants Wargamers Both Part TBC
19 Leighton Buzzard Saturday Demo Adeptus Titanicus