Campaign Demos 24

Listed below are the Demonstration and Participation Games currently booked in to Campaign 24, in Middleton Hall, thecentre:mk. If you are interested in putting on a game at Campaign please email Demo Details.

Table Club Days Type Game

TBC Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both Demo/Part 6mm DBMM Ancients
TBC Milton Keynes Wargames Society Both Part Sails of War
TBC Black Wolf Sat Part Viking v Viking
TBC Shepway Wargames Both TBC DORNIER DOWN, a WW2 1940 ‘what if’ operation Seelowe (Sealion)
TBC Bataille Empire Demo Team Both Demo Battle of Plancenoit using Bataille Empire rules
TBC Peterborough Both Demo TBC
TBC Bedford Gladiators Both Demo 28mm Bolt Action Pacific Landing
TBC Big on Strategy Both Part A Whiff of Grape (Napoleonic 28mm Skirmish)
TBC Huntingdon Both TBC TBC
TBC Aylesbury Sat Demo Modern Warfare in different scales
TBC Scimitar Wargames Both Demo TBC
TBC Sheppy Models Both TBC TBC
TBC Chesthunt Wargames Sat Demo 28mm “Test for Honour”
TBC The Pit Gaming Shop Both Demo TBC
TBC Models For Heroes Both Part Donate and Create
TBC Big Toys Renaissance Gaming Sun Part Renaissance Battles
TBC Society of Ancients Both Demo/Part TBC
TBC Northamptonshire Battlefields Society Both Demo The Battle of Edgcote 1469
TBC Wargames Workshop Both TBC Battle Tech