Happy New Year

MKWS would like to wish all visitors to our site a very Happy New Year!

With the new year upon us the site has been updated for various activities during the year.

MKWS One-Dayer
The latest team entries for 16th January. We are still accepting entries.

2010 DBMM Calendar
A calendar for DBMM tournaments has been included in the DBMM Tournaments section.

National League
Tournament details for the National League, to be held at Campaign 10 over the weekend 8th/9th May 2010, can now be found in the National League section. There are six FOG periods now posted for teams to vote on their three prefered periods for the 2010 season.

MKWS Blood Bowl League
Details of the MKWS Blood Bowl League can be found in the Meetings section. Players currently entered are listed there. Entries will be accepted up to the last MKWS meeting in January.

MKWS DBMM100 Grand Prix

Full details of the DBMM100 Grand Prix for 2010 including dates and period details can now be found in the DBMM Tournaments section.

Campaign 2010

Details of Traders and Games attending Campaign 2010 continue to be updated please see the Campaign section.

Formula 1 Ancients
The Team and Scoring sections of the Formula 1 Ancients have been update for the new season.