15mm Flames of War League


The Flames of War League will return as part of the National Wargames League for the 2019 season.

For entry information, visit the National Wargames League page.

The teams entered for the 2019 season are:

Team Player 1 Player 2

General Rules

A team consists of two players (individual entries will either be grouped into a team, using a first come, first choice of period system, or assigned to teams that are short of players).

Player 1 will play Mid War and use an Allies army of 1000 points (No fortress lists)

Player 2 will play Mid War and use an Axis army of 1000 points (No fortress lists).

Please note, no fortification lists are allowed either.

All forces must be V3, published, legal and from any published official list, including any from legal books and official briefing pdfs from the Battlefront website. Entries should be submitted either via army builder or excel format not later than April 29th to the list checker.

Timetable as the National League rules, use National League link.


07.00 – Show opens for traders to set up.
09.00 – Show opens to the public.
09.00 – First competition round.
13.00 – Second competition round.
16.30 – Third competition round (ending at 19.30)
18.00 – Show closes for public access.


09.00 – Fourth competition round.
11.00 – Show opens to the public.
13.00 – Fifth competition round.
16.30 – Show closes. Prize giving.
17.00 – Centre closes.

Rules: Flames of War (Version 4)

The games will be played by a predetermined draw.

Scoring will use the standard 6-1 system, as per the rules, with an additional +1 for each player if they have completed their games and/or more than 8 turns were played.

The team army lists should be E-mailed to List Checker no later than date 29 April 2017. Payment for entry fees can be sent via PayPal to the same address.

Any queries about lists or rules should be directed to FOW List and Rule Queries

Any queries about entry should be directed to FOW Entry Queries

Scenarios to be announced nearer the time, but plan for mobility!

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