15mm Flames of War League


The Flames of War League will continue as part of the National Wargames League for the 2015 season.

For entry information, visit the National Wargames League page.

The teams for the 2015 season are:

1st Division

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3

Bournemouth Toy Boys Kevin Perry Paul Frith Robin Spence
Mixed Tankovy Airlanding Company (MG)
Axis 3rd Sencha Rentai (with 7th)

Hertford & Ware Mike Dewberry David Gollop Mat Booth
Allied British Armoured Regiment (HF&B) Strelkovy (Guards) Hero Motorstrelkovy Batalion (Guards) (DM)
Axis Italian Compagnia Carri Companie Vanatori Motorizata Panzer Kamphgroup (DM)
Bunshop B Team Graham Wilmott Graham Klaka Hammy
Allied Legkiy Tankovy Batalion Rifle Company (South African) (Africa) Tyazhelyy Samokhodno Artillyeriyskiy Polk (Guards)
Pantherkompanie(Heer) Panzerspahkompanie
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Steve Charlton John Skelton Nobby
Allied Armoured Car Squadron Commando (Italy) British Rifle Company – Nachtjäger
Panzerspähkompanie(Heer) 21. Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie
Over paid, Over Sexed and Over Here! John Brock Bill Dorais Bill Wilcox
Allied Escadron de Reconnaissance US Infantry Company Light Tank Company (3rd)
Pioneerkompanie (EF)

Lancashire Hotpots Peter Entwistle Sam Street Ian Crosby
Tankovy Company Red Army New Zealand Rifle Company (Road to Rome)
Axis Schützenkompanie

2nd Division

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3

Terrapins Jeremy Morgan Gareth Evans Neil Hammond
Allied Batalion Piechoty Tankovy (Red Army) Partizanskiy Brigada
Brigantes Tony Robinson Jez Evans Bob Middlemist
Axis Hohei Chutai (7th) Battaglione Fucilieri (Sicily) SS-Panzerbrigade Westfalen
Brighton Paul Austin Skip Colin Bright
Allied Pulk Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Welsh Guards

Axis Luftlandsturm Afrika Schützenkompanie (15.) Kamphgroup Kastner
Grumpy’s Boys Phil Parker Andy Scott Mike Parker
Allied Divisional Cavalry Squadron (Blitzkrieg) US Tank Company British Rifle Company (Nachtjager)
Axis MG Kompanie (HF&B) Afrika Schutzenkompanie 512 Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie (2.)(Bridge at Reimagan)
Breakthrough Assault Ben Davy Laurence Donohoe Alex Hamilton

Motostrelkovy Batalon (Red Army) DM
Axis Hohei Chutai (7th)
Companie Vanatori Motorizata

Bunshop Not To B Team Tony Hellard Will Burns Joe Connelly
Allied Infantry Tank Company (Blitzkreig)
Battaglione Bersaglieri
Axis Schützenkompanie (Blitzkreig) Battaglione Bersaglieri

3rd Division

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3

Things That Make You Go Boom! Bren Cummins Paul Cummins Ben Allen
Allied Tankovy Batalon (Guards) Armoured Rifle Company (9th) (Bridge at Remigan)

HG Gepantze Aufklarangsschwadron (Road to Rome) Mittlere Panzer Kompany
HMS Brian Pete Simpson Dale Needham John Dear
Allied Strelkovy (Rising Sun) Strelkovy (Red Army) Armoured Squadron (Guards) (MG)
Mittlere Panzer Kompany Panzer Kampfgruppe (Veteran) (DM)
Kampfgruppe Kingston Blake Hovander Peter Fawdon David Fawdon
Allied French Escadron de Combat Mixed Tankovy (Guards) Finnish Jaakarikomppania (GW)
Axis German Schutzen (HF&B) German Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Lapin Sota Jääkärikomppania
Breakthrough Assault B-Team Emergency Squad (BABES) Marc Attwell Stephen Hughes Matt Pullen

British Rifle Company
Axis Panzerschutzenkompanie Pionierkompanie

Raging Wasps Paul Harvey David Coombs Ian Colby
Allied Compagnie de Fusiliers-Voltigeurs (Active


Scimitar A Richard Hardy Philip Donald Neil Mason
Allied Divisional Cavalry Squadron (Blitzkrieg) Tankovy Batalon(Red Army) Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Batalon (Red Army)
Axis Panssarikomppania Panzerspähkompanie(Heer) Nachtjager Fallscirmjager

General Rules

A team consists of three players.

Player 1 will play Early War and use 1500 points (No fortress lists)

Player 2 will play Mid War and use 1650 points (No fortress lists).

Player 3 will play Late War and use 1750 points.

Please note, no fortification lists are allowed either.

Players should bring both an axis and allied forces as we wish to avoid any nasty ‘blue-on-blue’ situations. All players who submit two lists earn a bonus point for their team.

All forces must be published, legal and from any published official list, including any from legal books (this means V3 lists, and Revised Red Bear and Grey Wolf lists) and official briefing pdfs from the Battlefront website.

Timetable as the National League rules, use National League link.

Rules: Flames of War (Version 3)

The games will be played by a predetermined draw.

Scoring will use the standard 6-1 system, as per the rules, with an additional +1 for each player if they have completed their games and/or more than 8 turns were played.

The team army lists should be E-mailed to List Checker no later than date 25 April 2015. Payment for entry fees can be sent via PayPal to the same address.

Any queries about lists or rules should be directed to FOW List and Rule Queries

Any queries about entry should be directed to FOW Entry Queries

Nobby nobbled?


Scenarios will all be from V3 and will be randomly picked on the day, from the following list:

Dust Up
Free For All
Hasty Assault
Counter Attack