Sharpe Practice

New for the 2018 season, the National League is introducing a Sharpe Practice pairs tournament.

Roddy Trimble French
Mike British
Jez Spanish
Tony Portuguese
Kevin Brewin Spanish
Paul Frith Saxon
Matt French
Andrew Allied
Alex French
Steve Charleton Allied
Dave Gollop French
Mike Dewberry Portuguese

General Rules

1. A team consists of two players.
2. Rules: Sharpe Practice
3 Each pair will need to have a French or French allied player and a British or British allied player with forces based on the peninsular.
4 Each pair will play another pair each round over 4 rounds. They will play against the opposite player in the opposite team.
5. The army size is 85pts, picked from the lists published by David hunter. If you have units which are not listed please use a relevant one if one is not relevant please contact me. For instance units from the confederation of the Rhine.
6. Table size will be 6ft x 4ft
7. Figure size 25/28mm
8 There will be a scoring system which will be published but will be based on a narrative over the weekend.
9 Entry fees are to be sent by PayPal to cost £20 per player for the weekend.

If players don’t have a partner to make a team contact me and we will run a lonely hearts club for singles to match you up :)

This is a list of rosters where units will be picked from:-