25/28mm SAGA League


Milton Keynes Wargames Society is introducing a 25/28mm SAGA League, as part of the 2015 National Wargames League. A team will consist of two players playing in separate pools and combining their results to produce a team score.

For entry information, visit the National Wargames League Page.

See also 15mm and 25mm Ancients Tournaments and 15mm Renaissance Tournament.

The teams currently entered for the 2017 season are:

Team Player 1 Player 2

Milton Keynes Brian Shipp Nick Abbot

Milton Keynes TBC Dave Pothecary


Round 1 9.00 to 11.00
Round 2 12.00 to 14.00
Round 3 15.00 to 17.00

General Rules

1. A team consists of two players. A player playing in each of the 2 periods.
2. SAGA. 4 × 3.
3. Table Size
4. There will be three scenarios: Hostages, Pottery Pillage MK (a special version for Campaign) and Champions of God (butcher version). For details of the three scenarios contact the organiser(Dave Clarke) directly by email.
5. The army size will ben fixed 6 point warbands with options fixed for the event .
6 Entry fee £10 per player ( under 18 free).

Below are the two periods for the 2016 SAGA National League are:

Period 1.

Dark Age

Period 2

C&C warband